Add More Booklets


By Scott.Brownlee

updated about 1 year ago

With any of our paid plans, you can add more concurrent booklets to your account. You can do this by deleting any old booklets you no longer want  OR purchase additional booklets for your account 

You can buy additional Simplebooklets from the upgrade menu or when you reach your booklet limit, a booklet buying tool on your dashboard. This is added to your subscription cost when you renew it. Additional booklets are purchased for a one year period and can be renewed each year. 

Each additional booklet added to your account is 50 cents per booklet per month.

Drag the booklet slider to choose how many additional booklets you want to add to your account. The slider will show you your new monthly cost for your plan (your current plan plus the additional booklets).

How To Buy More Booklets

To purchase additional booklets, tap the UPDATE PLAN button on your Simplebooklet dashboard. 


Select the Buy more Simplebooklet button at the top of the UPDATE PLAN page.

This will use your default payment method to add the additional booklets.

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