Adding Shopify products to a Simplebooklet page


By Scott.Brownlee

updated 11 months ago

Rather than  just displaying your products on a Shopify page with low visibility, also display those products on attractive Simplebooklets which can be easily shared and added to websites or blogs. This creates a lot more traffic back to your Shopify site than just posting a link would.

If you have not yet completed Shopify Integration steps, please see here: 

To start adding products, do the following:

Open the Simplebooklet in the EDIT tab.

Tap the INTEGRATIONS menu.


You'll see all your products listed in the popout window on the left. 

Tap ADD to place a product onto your Simplebooklet page. You can add as many products to as many pages as you want.

Formatting Product Layout

When you add a Shopify product to your page, it will be added with the following content:

  • Product image
  • Product title
  • Product price
  • Product description
  • Product options
  • Add to Cart Button
  • Checkout Button

When you resize the product element, it will reformat to look better in landscape or portrait.

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