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By Scott.Brownlee

updated about 1 year ago

By default, Simplebooklet's are discoverable by search engines.  You can hide your Simplebooklet from all the major search engines from the Publish Tab or the Dashboard using the Visibility menu.

Go to the PUBLISH tab and change the VISIBILITY option to LINK ONLY.

Your booklet will now tell search engine crawlers not to index your content.

Hiding All Your Booklets (Paid Plan Feature)

Sometimes you want to hide all of your Simplebooklets from search engines and only choose a few to be visible to crawlers.  You can do this from the booklet settings button on your dashboard.

Tap the settings button just above your list of existing Simplebooklets.

Go to the Search Engine tab.

Uncheck the green checkmark to flag all of your booklets to be hidden from search engines.

States of Visibility For Your Simplebooklet

There are four different states of visibility for your Simplebooklet microsite. These states manage how your Simplebooklet's can be accessed by your customers.


Your Simplebooklet microsite is visible to everyone, including search engines. This allows search engines to index your Simplebooklet and helps your organic SEO.

Link Only

Your Simplebooklet microsite is hidden from search engines. Only a person who has your booklet's weblink will be able to open it.


You can add a password to your Simplebooklet. Your microsite won't be indexed by search engines and a customer will need to have a password to open the booklet. The weblink won't be enough to open it. 

If you remove your password, your microsite will default to a link only setting.


Your Simplebooklet microsite is only visible to you. Anyone who tries to open your weblink will be redirected to an unavailable page on 

Setting your State of Visibility

You can set your state of visibility from your Simplebooklet dashboard. You will see a dropdown menu that will allow you to select a visibility state. 

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