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By Scott.Brownlee

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You can make any element on your page a clickable link.  You can also add link hotspots which can cover a specific part of your page or elements on your page. We have these two methods because each one is effective in specific situations.

Link Hotspot 
These are great for creating a specific area on your page that you want to act as a hyperlink.  The link hotspot can cover just a small area on an existing element or cover multiple elements.  You can resize it to any dimension you want.

Link Element 
Each element (images, text boxes, shapes, etc...) can be a link.  This makes the entire element a clickable area.

All links, when the cursor appears over the area, will display the click finger to highlight that it is a clickable area.

Creating a Link Hotspot

To add a link hotspot, go to the EDIT tab and select LINK.

A popup drawer will slide open and you can select from the pulldown menu what kind of link it will be. The options are:

Website - link to an external website. It will open that website in a new tab. 
Email - Trigger an email client with your email address. 
Telephone - Trigger the phone feature of your device with your phone number. 
Next Page -  Turns the booklet to the next page. 
Previous Page - Turns the booklet to the previous page. 
First Page - Turns the booklet to the first page of your booklet. 
Last Page - Turns the booklet to the last page in your booklet. 
Choose Page - You can define the page your link sends the reader.

Enter in the details into the field and click save (for example, for a website, you could type in

Click SAVE. 

You will see a light orange box on your page. You can then move it over where you want the link action to take place. You can also resize it to fit the area you want. 

Link Element

To add a link to an element, single tap on an element (for example, an image) so it is selected. This will reveal the content tools toolbar on the left.  

Click the LINK icon.

Select the option you want to use for your link.

Enter your data into the revealed field.

Click SAVE. 

Now, when you mouse over that element in the preview mode, you will see the click finger and the action will take place.

All links don't work when in the Edit tab of the simplebooklet editor. They are only active on the live pages and the preview and Design tab.

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