Replace A Simplebooklet In A Microsite


By Scott.Brownlee

updated over 1 year ago

You can replace the current Simplebooklet in a microsite with a new and updated booklet without having to change the weblink, the customization of the microsite, or lose any of the existing analytics for that microsite.

This is very useful if you

  • Have a weekly flyer that you want to update on a regular basis but keep the weblink address unchanged.
  • Update a presentation or slide deck that keeps the same weblink and all of the microsite design features.
  • Work on your booklet in Google Slides or Google Docs and use the Add On to update the microsite version of your slides or docs.
  • Update a directory with new content while keep the weblink the same.

There are two ways to replace the Simplebooklet in your microsite.

  • From your dashboard, tap the replace button of the microsite you want to replace. You will be asked to upload a new file which will be converted and placed in your microsite.

From Google Drive:

  • From Google Slides or Google Docs, if you install the simplebooklet addon to your Drive account,  in your ADD ON menu, you can use the Simplebooklet make a microsite to replace the slide or doc in a microsite you already created with the same document. This makes it much easier to just keep updating the Google slide and then load it onto the same microsite and URL you already passed to your audience.

So, now instead of having to upload the same file and make a brand new microsite and configure it all again, you can just replace the booklet in the microsite you already have.

This should make it much easier to manage your various microsites on simplebooklet.

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