Free Plans


By Scott.Brownlee

updated 4 months ago

You can use Simplebooklet for free for as long as you want. You can promote and create one free booklet at a time. 

Free booklets have some limitations.  

We add Google advertising or Simplebooklet advertising to your free booklet. The advertisement is displayed in your booklet every 3rd then 7th page.  They are displayed for a short while (as an interstitial) and then can be closed.

Here are the features available in FREE plans.

  • 1 booklet.
  • Up to 25mb file uploads.
  • Unlimited publishing.

  • Free hosting of your booklet.

If you have limited traffic to your booklet (less than 500 views), and updates haven't been made to the booklet in over 3 months, we may remove your booklet from our platform.

You can upgrade to any of our paid plans to gain additional features, remove Google advertising, and guarantee your booklets are never removed.

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