Analytics Setup

By Scott.Brownlee

updated 3 months ago

Analytics on simplebooklet automatically start tracking the moment you start publishing your simplebooklet microsite. We'll track all your acquisition, engagement, and savings you incur with your microsite.

Setting a Date Range

Simplebooklet tracks all stats for the lifetime of your microsite.  However, you can also choose to view a specific period of time of your analytics. To set the date range:

  1. Tap the first field and enter your start date.  
  2. Then tap the second field and enter your end date.  
  3. Once your dates are in place, tap the APPLY DATES button.

Your dates will be applied to all the metrics displayed below.

By default, the date range is set to the last 30 days.

Google Analytics

You can add your google analytics ID to your simplebooklet. This will make it possible to track all your microsite's activity through your Google Analytics account.  

To add your google analytics ID:

  1. Tap the Google Analytics Button.
  2. Enter in your Google Analytics ID and tap Save.

It will start tracking your simplebooklet microsite immediately.

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