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Variables are a way to insert information automatically into your Simplebooklet page.  Variables speed up the process of customizing booklet page content so you don't have to re-enter certain types of information across multiple pages, across booklets, and across team accounts. 

Across Team Connected Accounts

If you have a brochure you want to be customized with the contact information of a member of your sales or marketing team. When you copy a booklet from your admin account to your team member account, the variables will automatically be replaced with the contact information found in that team member sub account.  So things like the phone number, contact email address, and facebook fanpage can automatically be inserted into the booklet based on the team account's variables. So you only need to make one booklet, insert the variables, then copy it to all your team accounts, and they will have a personalized booklet with their content in the pages.

Across Booklets

If you have booklets that will need updating with contact information, you can add in the variables into the text areas on the pages.  For example, if you will be updating your phone number, but have that phone number displayed across multiple booklets, if the phone number is set as a variable, then changing it in your variables list will automatically update it across all your booklets.

Adding Variables

All of these variables are initially added by you, the account holder, in the DESIGN MENU

Tap edit on the CONTENT CARD section.

From this pop-up you can enter and edit all the variables mentioned above.

Adding Variables To Your Text Block

You can add a variable to your page using the text blocks. They can be added to an existing text block or to a new text block that you create.

To add a variable:

  • Double tap on the text block you want the variable to be displayed in.
  • Either insert the cursor in the location or highlight the text you want to be replaced by the variable.
  • Select the variable icon.
  • Select which variable you want to appear - only variables that are set will be visible. If you don't see your variable you may need to add it to your variable's list.

The variable will now appear in the location in the text block you set.

Variables will use the formatting and styles you have applied to the text blocks.  They can be completely customized.


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