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By Scott.Brownlee

updated about 1 year ago

Our PRO plan is for businesses who want their Simplebooklets to have maximum reach and get the most out of each customer interaction.  A PRO plan can be purchased as a subscription on a month to month plan (cancel anytime) or on an annual plan for a discount. 

The PRO plan is for people who want their brand, their domain, their logo, and plan to create many more Simplebooklet brochures.  

People who choose the PRO plan typically do the following:

  • distribute a newsletter through Simplebooklet
  • uses Simplebooklets for proposals and brochures
  • have a number of marketing collateral pieces that should display their logo and domain.
  • want to use all the features of Simplebooklet
  • don't currently have a website (or a bad one) and want to use a Simplebooklet as their business website.

Our PRO plan includes everything in FREE, plus the following:

  • Start with 3 concurrent Simplebooklet brochures
  • Unlimited custom domains for brochures and collections
  • Custom branding and logo on brochures and popups
  • Unlimited galleries
  • Gates lead management
  • Upload files up to 250mb in size
  • Third party Integrations
  • Live Support
  • Unlimited Embedding of Simplebooklets
  • Advanced analytics
  •        For any plan PRO and above, your booklets will never be removed

You can cancel your PRO plan at anytime.  You will only be charged for the remaining time left on your plan.

How to Upgrade to a PRO Plan

From the Simplebooklet dashboard, tap the UPDATE PLAN Button.

        Select the Pro Plan

Select the month to month or annual plan

Enter in your payment details

Fill in the captcha and click PAY NOW

You'll be upgraded immediately and will see your new plan highlighted on your dashboard.

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