Passwords With Simplebooklet


By Scott.Brownlee

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Why Passwords?

Passwords keep your Simplebooklet private unless a customer has the password to unlock your content.  If a customer enters the wrong password, they will not gain access to see your content. You can apply one or more passwords to the same Simplebooklet.

What Does A Customer See

When a customer goes to your Simplebooklet, they will get a popup box that requires the password to be entered before they can access your content. If they get the password wrong, they are returned to the screen to try again. Once they complete the password correctly, your booklet will become visible.  

Once a password has been entered correctly, it is stored in the customer's browser cache. They will not need to enter it a second time.

Adding a Password

You can add a password to your Simplebooklet through the visibility tool.

On your dashboard, scroll down to your Simplebooklet.

In the dropdown menu to the right of your simplebooklet, select PASSWORD.

This will reveal the password menu. 

Enter in a name and an associated password.


The username and password will now appear in your passwords menu.

You can add multiple different passwords to your Simplebooklet.

** the username is not used in the password entry field, it is only visible to you, the owner of the Simplebooklet so that you can identify who the passwords were used for. They can be any name that works to help you remember who has the password (a person's name, a company name, a classroom name, a date, etc...)

*** you can also set the password from the PUBLISH tab of your Simplebooklet.

Managing Passwords

You can delete an existing password from the PASSWORD menu. 

  1. Open the PASSWORD menu from the dropdown menu in the visibility options on your dashboard.
  2. In the Password menu, tap the trash can to the right of the name and password you want to remove.

You can update the password by tapping the password button associated with the name using that password.

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