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By Scott.Brownlee

updated about 1 year ago

If you want to create more Simplebooklets or use the awesome features like analytics or sharing your Simplebooklet across multiple digital channels, those are only available on the paid plans. You can update plans or change from monthly to annual billing at anytime. 

Click the UPDATE PLAN button to see different plans, as well as the features that each plan provides. 

This leads you to the Plan Features page


Listed below are the different paid plans that are available

Some commonly asked questions:

Do I receive credit towards my annual plan if I update my monthly plan?

Your annual plan will start immediately and you will receive a discount on the price based on the remaining credit for your monthly plan. 

What if I just want to add a booklet without upgrading?

You can also add additional booklets at a fixed cost of $6/yr per booklet

Does the credit I have towards my PRO account transfer when I upgrade a BUSINESS account?

If you choose to upgrade your plan, say from PRO to BUSINESS, when you upgrade, you will be credited with your current plan that hasn't been applied to your account yet. For example, if you have 3 months remaining in your PRO plan, you will be credited $27 dollars towards your BUSINESS plan purchase.

How do I downgrade my Account?
You can also downgrade your plan by clicking the upgrade button and choosing a different plan.


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