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By Scott.Brownlee

updated 4 months ago

Canva is a really useful platform for creating compelling designs and graphics, but it suffers from the same fundamental problem as most other sites, everything is still in PDF format. Canva and Simplebooklet are two complementary tools that you can use in your business. Canva has an amazing library for print marketing collateral you can customize to your brand. Simplebooklet brings your print marketing collateral to life online.

Get the Simplebooklet Plugin for your Canva Account Here  

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1.  How to connect Canva and Simplebooklet

2.  How convert a Canva Brochure into a Simplebooklet

1.  How to connect Canva and Simplebooklet

When you have completed your work on Canva and are ready to upload your design to Simplebooket:

in the top right-hand corner of the screen,  click the down arrow

Scroll down until you see the Simplebooklet menu, and click it

Click the SAVE button


Your Canva Design has been saved in Simplebooklet, follow the steps to convert it.

2.  How to convert a Canva Brochure into a Simplebooklet

Enter in the title for your new Simplebooklet, as well as the business name associated with the content

Then, select the type of brochure you want Simplebooklet to convert to

Select whether you want your booklet optimised for text or photos

Now click Complete and your Simplebooklet will be created from your Canva design.

Final Product

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