Team Member Accounts

By Scott.Brownlee

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BUSINESS plans can create and manage team member accounts. These are accounts that have a unique login ID and give the team member the ability to make, upload, edit, design, manage and analyze content published on simplebooklet. The team member has all the features found in a PRO plan.

Team member accounts are paid for by the BUSINESS plan account holder. BUSINESS plans include 10 team accounts and can purchase more.

Who Uses Team Member Accounts

If you have a sales team, franchises, dealers, or partners, team accounts can make it very easy to collaborate on joint content marketing and publishing. As the administrator to the account, you can ensure that all booklets and collections meet brand requirements and edit as required. You can also provide the team member with new collateral in their account.  

Team Members can login into simplebooklet like any account and add their own content as well that the administrator can view that content. Team accounts are automatically connected to the BOSS account dashboard.

Team Member accounts are managed and paid for by the BUSINESS plan account holder.

Adding a Team Member

You can add a team member to your BOSS or BUSINESS account from the YOUR ACCOUNT menu on your dashboard.

  2. Scroll down to the Team Member account.
  3. Enter in the name, email address, and a temporary password for your new team member.
  4. Tap ADD.

You now have an account that exists on simplebooklet for this team member.  Simplebooklet will send your team member an email telling them that they have a new account on simplebooklet and asking them to update their password. 

The Administrator account will receive an email letting them know that the team member has accepted and is now accessing their team member account.

Viewing A Team Member Account

To view the contents in a team member account, on your dashboard, use the pulldown menu to select which team member account you want to view. Once selected, the simplebooklet library, collections, lead gate data, and custom domain will be changed to the team account instead of your admin account details.

Managing A Team Member

All existing team member accounts can be found in the YOUR ACCOUNT menu under the TEAM MEMBER tab. You can delete an account at anytime. However, this will remove the account AND ALL CONTENT permanently from the simplebooklet platform.

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