The Presentation of Your Simplebooklet


By Scott.Brownlee

updated about 1 year ago

Your marketing collateral is the content that you want to communicate. But how you present that content can be critical.  We've created a number of presentation layouts for  your microsite. You can select one that best presents your marketing collateral.

The navbars determine where certain supporting features appear on your microsite. They do not affect the content inside your Simplebooklet pages. When selecting a layout, you are deciding where you want your navigation tools (page turn buttons, zoom tools, current page, etc...), where you want your supporting menus (about, contact us, share, privacy statement, etc..), what kind of background the Simplebooklet is displayed on, and how your Simplebooklet transitions between pages (page flip, page spread, slide, bounce, trifold).

You can change the layout anytime.  The content inside the support tools and the tools themselves won't change, they will just be rearranged on your microsite page. 

Any content you place in your presentation supporting menus will still be used in any layout (and in the embed layouts). 

The easiest way to see which works best is to try switching between the layouts until you find one that works best for you.

Using Navbar Layouts

The default layout is the modern microsite.  To switch, go to the DESIGN tab and select the NAVBAR menu.

In the microsite layout menu, pull down and choose a different layout.  Depending on the layout, your options for supporting content will disappear or appear (for example, the header tool will disappear with a bottom navigation microsite).

Each layout positions it's menus and buttons in different places on your microsite. Here are two examples:

No Navigation

Only your booklet appears.

Modern Microsite Layout

You get a header and footer with all the supporting menu options.

Modifying The Layout

You can hide and show each of the support menu options by toggling them on or off from the NAVBAR menu.

To turn on a menu option, tap the slider so it is orange. To turn off a menu, tap the slider so it is grey.

In this example, the logo, table of contents, home button, sharing button, and download button will appear on the modern microsite layout. The about, contact us, gallery, buy, and title and business menus will not appear. 


Because of the limited space and unique needs to effectively present your Simplebooklet on a mobile phone, you cannot change the microsite layout.  The mobile view of your Simplebooklet will have a fixed navigation along the bottom of the interface and will be a slide transition. 

Your mobile view will follow the rules you set out with regards to which supporting menus appear. For example, if you hide the about menu in your microsite, it will not appear in your mobile microsite.

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