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In Simplebooklet, you can use your own domain with your Simplebooklet and not worry about hosting them on your own server. This is because Simplebooklet is a fully hosted service so we take care of hosting all of your booklets and galleries. As Simplebooklet hosts your booklets, you can't download them for use somewhere else.

A custom domain masks the web address of your booklet with your own custom domain such as
You can add as many custom domains as you like and point them to your account, specific galleries, and specific Simplebooklets.
You can apply a custom domain to a booklet, a gallery, or your account in general.

The most important thing to know for your custom domain is the following:

Host/Host Name - this is what will appear at the front of your domain name (i.e. www or booklet or new)
Points To - - This is where the customer will be directed instead of your current website
TTL - Time To Live - How quickly the DNS server will tell all the other DNS servers about this redirect

You will need an existing domain name to set this up. If you’re registering a domain for the first time, go with one that supports SSL. 

Using GoDaddy:

This is a paid feature on GoDaddy, you must have a paid account

If desired create a custom domain name for your site. (This may take up to a 24 hours, but generally happens much faster)

Create a CNAME (‘canonical name’) record for your custom domain, do this by clicking ADD and selecting CNAME.

Point it at Simplebooklet's host domain:, give it a host name and set TTL to 1/2 hr.

Go to the Custom Domain section on the lefthand toolbar in DASHBOARD

Enter your domain in Step 2 and click Submit.

If your CNAME is being propogated properly around the web, you will see a success message. If not, you will need to verify that your CNAME record is set up properly or wait a little longer for the CNAME to be propogated.

At very end, open a new tab and type your full address to confirm, for this example it would be, if successful your brochure should display in this window.

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