Moving Content On Your Page


By Scott.Brownlee

updated about 1 year ago

When you start to get a lot of elements on a page, you'll end up wanting to move the content around to format your page. This can be tricky with different layers of elements or elements that have active content.  But don't worry, it's easy when you use the various tools we've created to move your content around.

Moving Content elements.

To move an element on your page, you can do the following:

Single tap on the element. 

This will open the toolbars on the left and right and show you four orange dots in each corner of the element. You will also see an orange icon and grey icon in the top left corner of your content element.

Tap and hold anywhere in the content element and drag it to where you want to place it on your page.

Another way to move elements is:

You can also tap and hold the grey icon (with the little man holding a box) and use that to move the element around.

Snap To Grid

Turning on the snap to grid can make it easier to align content elements on your page. 

The content element will align it's top left corner with the grid square you drop it on.

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